Critical Project Needs

Families living on Mbabala Island in Zambia are facing significant food shortages and are finding a new way to feed themselves.

In response, Bright Hope is helping to establish agriculture as the main source of livelihood in his region where fishing has become less and less profitable.

By adding nutrients to the soil such as lime and gypsum and offering agricultural training, community members will have opportunities to not only feed their families but create steady income sources.

Your generosity will help bring financial security to Zambian families in need:

  • $30 will contribute towards the purchase of a water pump
  • $50 supports a farmer to get started with fertilized land and seeds
  • $75 will buy enough lime to enrich about 2.5 acres of soil

Planting season is in November and we need your help to feed as many families as possible. Materials will need to be bought, brought to the island by boat and distributed on the island before this timeframe so please consider partnering with us on this project today.

Bright Hope has been working in Zambia in partnership with the local church since 1992. Together we can bring Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity to the extreme poor.

Support Farmers in Zambia