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Sowing Seeds of Change in Africa


In the dry landscape of Turkana, Kenya, families have fed themselves and earned a living for many generations by raising livestock. But as severe drought has made it increasingly difficult to feed and water their herds, pastoralists have had to embrace new ways to live off the land and nourish their families.

“We cannot achieve three meals a day through herding of goats alone because the world is changing,” said 40-year-old Elizabeth, a widow and mother of nine.

Through agriculture and the support of Allies like you, families like Elizabeth's will be able to put food on the table and earn a sustainable income selling surplus crops.

As a solution to the food supply challenges in the region, Bright Hope has bought land suitable for farming and is teaching families to grow food to eat, as well as for sale. We urgently need your support to help vital projects like this one thrive.

Through your support, we can empower families to grow agricultural plots for sustenance as well as commerce.

One of the biggest challenges Elizabeth and her community members face is the scarcity of food. Many families in her community can only afford to have one meal a day, however, you can help change that.

With a small parcel of farmland, Elizabeth hopes to plant tomatoes and onions, as the ones that currently come to her village are grown over 180 miles away. The quality of the tomatoes is poor, and the quantity of produce limited. It is a good time for Elizabeth and others like her to enter the market.

“...the farm will create employment for our people [to] have income," she said.

Please pray for families in Turkana, as they learn new ways to support their families.

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Sharing Hope with older generations in Haiti

In Haiti, 5.9 million people are living below the poverty line including senior citizens, who are especially vulnerable. Life can be challenging for elderly community members who are no longer able to work and may not have any family members who are able to help care for them.

To address the need, Bright Hope has recently started an elderly meal program at a church in the northern town of Ferrier, near the Dominican border.

Elderly community members receive dinner every Sunday after church. Many church members volunteer in this program to serve the seniors in the church through the project. These church volunteers prepare the meals and the youth serve them each Sunday after the service.

In partnership with caring Allies like you, Bright Hope provides one meal a week and is working with the church to offer an additional meal. The program blesses these senior citizens with nutritious dinners and is a place for church members to build relationships and community.

Your donation of just $11 will provide four healthy meals to a senior citizen in need.

For $55, you will ensure five brothers and sisters in Christ receive a nourishing meal each week for a month.

And your gift of $275 will host a weekly meal for 25 senior citizens!

For many of these elderly church members, especially those who do not have relatives living nearby, this group has become like family. They share stories, pray for needs within the church and feel more connected to their church community.

“My husband is dead; this church has become my home,” said Chrismon, a year-old church member.

Make a difference today by giving whatever God would put on your heart.

Your donation will help not only provide nutrition, but it will help share the love of Christ with our elderly brothers and sister in Haiti.

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