Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Victor Invests in the Next Generation

Peru — Living deep in the Amazon jungles of Peru, Victor knows the challenges faced by his community. With limited access to food and clean water, parents struggle to provide for their child’s basic needs, and thinking about their emotional and spiritual development is often a far-off dream. This used to be the reality for Victor and his wife Natalia. With five children, they struggled for years to barely make ends meet.

Things began to change when Victor got involved in his local church. There he learned about the Sunday school program and how the church was investing in the next generation to create change in the community. Victor wanted this so desperately for his children, and knew other families would feel the same.

Soon he began training to become a Sunday school teacher. In the training he learned how to holistically support a child’s development by providing for basic needs like food and water and also teaching them that they are valued and loved by God.

Victor was so inspired by the training that he immediately began volunteering in the Sunday school at his church. He helped implement a feeding program to provide meals for children before school. He also began teaching on Sundays, adapting Bible stories to make them relevant for children.

Today, Victor’s family regularly attends the church and is involved in the Sunday school and other ministries. Victor also helps lead trainings for Sunday school teachers in neighboring communities and encourages other churches and families to get involved. Going from student to teacher, he understands the impact these trainings can have. Victor recently shared, “Once we begin to value our children, we can transform our communities.”