Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Spiritual Guidance Empowers the People of Segadores

Buena Ventura, Peru — Segadores has been working this year trying to build up the economic strength of the community. They started a fish pond, chicken coop, water project, sewing project, and vegetable garden project all geared to create income for the families Bright Hope is working with.

Each of these projects hopes to take these families and empower them to support themselves. Amongst this, Segadores has also been hard at work providing spiritual guidance to the local people.

Twenty leaders representing four different native communities were given Biblical training to help reveal that the animist thinking in the area is not the truth presented in the Bible. It is a common belief that when in desperate need of rain, the answer is a special trip to the trees to pray. But these special Biblical trainings taught the power of a real relationship with God and the importance of bringing our needs to Him. Many paradigms like this were changed and these leaders left inspired to teach the Bible in Sunday school and their homes — and spread the revelation of the power of Jesus.