Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Displaced Families Find Hope Through New Long-Term Focus

Pignon, Haiti — In the past few months, Bright Hope has shifted its focus from immediate relief to long-term development activities for the victims of the earthquake. 

As a result of Bright Hope's donors' generosity, 200 earthquake orphans will receive a one year school scholarship. This scholarship will include tuition, uniforms, and school supplies. This blessing will be not only to the orphans, but also the adoptive families who have taken responsibility for these children.

Additional development efforts include providing microloans to 430 displaced families. These loans will escalate over the next 18 months. If the recipients show good stewardship of the loans and repay them on time, at the end of the 18 month program they will be given a gift of $250 to be used as they wish (house down-payment, expand existing business, etc.). They are not aware of this gift now, but it is our hope they will be blessed as they receive it at the end of the program.

Additionally, STM Technologies has donated a high-speed internet system to one of our partners in Haiti. This generous donation has improved communication between the partner and Bright Hope, and has been a source of income for our partner's ministry. For August, the internet cafe profited $242.

Thanks to the generosity of another organization, Sun Ovens, a large solar oven was donated to our Haitian church partners. It will serve a dual purpose of providing fresh bread to local school feeding programs and provide income for the church. Bread production is beginning to ramp up as the local children go back to school in early September.