Monday, February 07, 2011

SCCP and Faith Provide the Means to Succeed

Samfya, Zambia — Yamishi Mwamba is a student who was blessed by being a part of Samfya Community of Care Providers' (SCCP) education sponsorship from 2006 to 2008.

Since graduating from high school, Yamishi has found God to be faithful to provide for all his needs, especially through the help of an SCCP microloan. He testified to us: "with God, nothing is impossible." However, he has seen a great deal of struggle in his life up to now.

When Yamishi was born, he became a single orphan when his father passed away in 2000. Yamishi was 16-years-old, but was only in Grade 5. After his father's death, Yamishi found it difficult to meet the necessary requirements to continue attending school. However, being a very active in the New Apostolic Church, he was identified by his church council for sponsorship from SCCP. Yamishi was selected for sponsorship, and in 2008 he completed his Grade 12 level.

Now that he has graduated from school, Yamishi has felt the pressure to be the bread winner for his widow mother and his three younger sisters. Determined to help his family, Yamishi, purchased a few items to sell, such as soap, milk, and lotion. Through this small business he was able to help support his family. Yamishi also received a microloan. He used this capital to purchase more items for his small shop as well as buy construction materials. He received a contract to make 7,000 molded bricks. Because he lives in an area with high population growth, these bricks are in high demand. Through the making and selling of these bricks, as well as his small shop, Yamishi believes he and his family will soon be self sustainable.

Yamishi is very thankful to SCCP, the donors, and his church who have all helped to give him the opportunity to succeed.