Thursday, September 18, 2014

SCCP and Bright Hope Feed Bodies and Minds in Zambia

Mbabala Island, Zambia—Samfya Community Care Providers (SCCP) recently made a visit to Mbabala Island to discuss rural poverty and nutrition.

The government in Zambia typically does not offer assistance to these villages to relieve widespread malnutrition.  This is where SCCP and Bright Hope come in.  By conducting training centered on all of the elements of proper nutrition, the people of Mbabala Island now have a better understanding of how they can prevent malnutrition all together.  And by providing the materials necessary for children to learn in school, these organizations pave the way for families to lift themselves out of poverty.

The nutrition training teaches the ins and outs of agriculture, preparing healthy meals, and the importance of a balanced diet for children’s physical growth and neurological development.  This training ensures that a family is equipped to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables with enough left over so they can not only feed their children, but can help feed others in the community as well.  Moreover, this ensures that the children of Mbabala Island can focus in school.  It is difficult to learn when a child suffers from hunger pains; however, now that the children are nourished they are focused on their education and ready to learn more, and the teachers are free to use new teaching methods they have learned from Bright Hope teams.

Now that the families have been educated on proper nutrition, they are excited to see how their children will benefit.  One of the leaders in the village, Jackson Kasongo, said, “I will now be including protein, energy, and fruits when I am preparing every meal to ensure my children’s future.” 

The success of this training gives hope to the local leaders that they will be able to prevent the spread of poverty and even see it diminish in their community.