Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Pray for the Field

Please pray for Haiti, Bolivia, and Zambia to recover from the affects of the drought.

Haiti — Please pray for Haiti. The island recently experienced a severe drought, which plagued the nation for three years. Many people lost their ability to grow cash crops or provide food for their families. Now that the rains have returned, Haitians have been experiencing flooding because the parched land could not fully absorb the rainfall. Farmers who recovered from the drought have now lost their crops due to flooding.

Bolivia Prayers are needed for the people of Bolivia.In December 2016, the government in Bolivia declared a state of emergency due to the worst drought Bolivia has seen in 25 years. The drought has affected over 125,000 families, and also threatens agricultural production and livestock. Many believe one of the main causes is the growth of the mining industry, which has caused protests and riots around the country. The drought is expected to last until 2018.

Zambia — The drought that swept across Zambia last year led to widespread crop failure and sent food prices soaring, especially grains and cereal. Please pray for the country to recover from the affects of the drought as it is expected to receive normal to above normal rainfall this rainy season. 

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