Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pastor Godfrey Mobilizes Community to Get Kids Back in School

Jinja, Uganda – Pastor Godfrey was troubled by one of the biggest challenges facing his rural island community in Uganda: that children were not attending school because the standard of education was so poor. Without a solid education, these children would be caught in the cycle of poverty that has plagued the community for generations.

In August 2015, Pastor Godfrey and other leaders from his church attended a Bright Hope Vision Workshop held in Jinja, Uganda. These workshops help church leaders discover the assets and skills they already have and empower them with a Hope-filled vision to use these gifts to lift their communities out of poverty.

During the workshop, Pastor Godfrey and the other leaders uncovered a root cause of their community’s education issue—the school teachers had to travel every day from very far distances to the island, and would arrive to school late in the day. Through the training, Pastor Godfrey and the other leaders discovered that one of their greatest assets is their ability to work with other community leaders. They also began to see that their community is full of capable people who, if mobilized, could become a workforce and accomplish great things!

Pastor Godfrey and the church leaders set to work, partnering with local community leaders to mobilize their people, gather their resources, and build houses on the island for the teachers. The houses were completed, and now school teachers can devote more hours each week to their students’ education.

Pastor Godfrey continues to see more and more how God has already blessed his people with resources. It is through these Vision Workshops that church leaders like Pastor Godfrey are empowered to make a difference and see their communities transformed!