Friday, February 04, 2011

Outreach Community Church Brings Hope to Daniel and Family

Nairobi, Kenya — Daniel Ochieng is a cobbler in the Mathare Valley slum who is trying to raise two boys on his own on a meager income while staying healthy as he battles HIV.

The story of Daniel's family reached Outreach Community Church through a concerned neighbor. The pastors visited Daniel and took him to the hospital for treatment. The children were admitted to the Danoko Academy School and are now active in studying hard in all courses.

Daniel was admitted to the hospital and has improved greatly because of the HIV drug treatments being administered to him for no cost. His two boys receive assistance to pay their tuition through the help of the church. And today, Daniel is very happy and says he has seen God working in his life and that of his children. He says he is grateful to the church and to Bright Hope for supporting him and his children to pull through at their most difficult moments. He says he has seen God helping him when the road had come to an end for him and his children.