Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Moses Mungo Plants Seeds of Hope

Kasuba, Zambia—After successfully launching a program to care for those hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Samfya Community Care Providers (SCCP) has now branched out and is caring for a multitude of vulnerable community members. SCCP recently expanded their efforts to include other rural villages.  While only in the beginning stages of this project, one of those communities—Kasuba—has already made tremendous strides toward sustainability.


One resident of Kasuba, Moses Mungo, was trained as a gardener by SCCP. Through the program, he learned how to plant seeds, what soil and fertilizer to use, and how to care for the growing fruits and vegetables. He has his own thriving garden now, with tomatoes, onions, and sugar cane. His wife helps him harvest what he has planted, which is enough to not only feed his family, but to provide for others in the community as well. He hopes to pass on the wealth of gardening knowledge he has gained from SCCP to his children, so they can take care of their own families one day.


It is hard work tending a garden in Zambia. Moses walks one mile each way to care for his plot of land. He does this several times a day to water and check the plants, and to clear the garden of weeds. However, Moses is committed to his work and has found a sense of accomplishment in being a gardener. With the help of his children, he hopes to expand his garden and grow nuts and cassava. And because Moses and others in Kasuba use their gardens to help the entire community, cases of malnutrition have decreased. Thanks to SCCP, this small community is able to provide healthier and more frequent meals as well as generate income for the participating families.

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