Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Margret Sees the Glass as Half Full

With help from the local church, Margret and her neighbors now have access to clean water.

Mukono, Uganda – In Uganda, over eight million people do not have access to clean drinking water. This can make simple daily chores like collecting water feel exhausting, overwhelming and unachievable.

Margret washes her hands using water from her new water pump.

At the age of 63, Margret was walking over eight hours per day to collect enough water to support her family. Sadly, she was not alone; the entire community relied on one borehole where demand and insecurity was high, especially after times of little rainfall.
“When there is drought, the entire community suffers. I remember when the borehole broke and we waited four days before we could get a single drop,” Margret shared.

Dependency on an insecure water source held an even more harmful threat to Margret and her family. The borehole carried many waterborne diseases that they could not avoid. This year alone, Margret fell sick with typhoid four times. Crippled by illness, Margret not only felt weak and fragile, but ashamed. She was unable to provide for her children and this weighed heavy on her heart as a mother. But, she refused to give up and knew that God would provide.

Soon enough, her prayer was answered. The local church heard about her challenging situation and felt compelled to reach out and transform her life in a way she had only dreamt about: through a water tank. Construction was quickly carried out and within a week the tank had been installed. When the next rain came, the tank was filled and it has been collecting water ever since.

Overwhelmed by the generosity of her local church, Margret invited her neighbors to use the water tank. She is now sharing it with five families in her community.

“This tank is touching so many lives!" she said. "Many in this community struggle and believe God has forsaken them but My Lord has not forsaken us... His love endures and if giving a cup to the thirsty show them His love, I will continue to give what I have.”

Since receiving the tank earlier this year, Margret has been free from sickness and able to work on her land which has increased her ability to provide food for her family. She is also building healthy relationships with her neighbors.

At Bright Hope, we are so thankful for dedicated Allies like you. Your generous support empowers the local church to reach out and transform lives like Margret’s. Through this ministry, many families can encounter Christ through each and every drop of water.