Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Memory of Pastor Leandro: Our Tribute to a Beloved Chilean Leader

Alto Bio Bio, Chile — Chilean pastor, Jose Leandro Naupa Huenupe, passed away in February at age 57 after a long battle with liver cancer.

To all of us at Bright Hope, he was known as Pastor Leandro, the humble and servant-hearted leader of Aposento Alto Church in the Quinguas community of Alto Bio Bio, Chile. He faithfully led his small congregation of 30 members for 11 years, not only preaching every Sunday, but serving his community 7 days a week.

To his community, Leandro was known for his generosity, despite his family having very little. He made a living working off the land and was very skilled in agriculture and farming. Whenever they could, his family would give vegetables to other families in need and Leandro always shared his agricultural knowledge so others could benefit. His expertise and passion in this area led to Bright Hope supporting various agricultural projects, including community-owned potato fields and greenhouse projects through the local church.

To his church, Leandro was a living example of the servant heart of Jesus Christ. Leandro strongly valued working together to help those in need and encouraged teamwork between families in the church. Whether it was farming together, pooling resources to help a family in crisis, or chopping wood for the community for winter, he always managed to motivate people to get involved and help. He truly embodied the Biblical calling to “feed the hungry, and help those in trouble” (Isaiah 58:10).

To his family, he was a model husband and father, constantly striving to set an example for his only son, Samuel, now 8 years old. His wife Maria was always by his side, and they worked as a team in both their home and in the church. Leandro persevered through every difficulty they faced and put his faith and hope in the Lord. He was illiterate until age 45, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a pastor. His wife enrolled in theology courses with him, and during his 2 years of study, she taught him to read and write. His drive, honesty and humility were key lessons he hoped to instill in his son.

Pastor, leader, servant, husband and father, Leandro has left an incredible legacy and will be deeply missed by all.

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