Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First JELLY Church-School Container Departs Chicago for Haiti

Hoffman Estates, Illinois — Bright Hope's first JELLY container left the Bright Hope warehouse today, en route to Jacksonville, Florida, where it will be shipped to Haiti.

The container is the first of two that will become a workable church-school in the rural village of Beganabe, Haiti. JELLY is Bright Hope's local program where families and individuals can get involved in a hands-on experience to literally transform the lives of those living in extreme poverty. JELLY stands for Jesus, Education, Loans, Love, and You.

This holistic program launched in the fall, and 65 local Chicagoland families are currently supporting the program through their time, talents, and treasures. 

Construction of the container began in January. Families came every weekend to paint a portion of the mural on the container, as well as help build school desks, chalkboards, and cabinets. Families also contributed to resourcing the church-school with the necessary supplies to get it started.

The container is expected to arrive in Haiti in mid June. While the inside is nearly constructed into three classrooms, it was packed full of shoes, t-shirts, school supplies, desks, cabinets, blankets, and more items that will benefit the community as it learns to utilize its new structure. The second container is expected to arrive at Bright Hope in January 2014. Completion of the entire church-school is targeted for June 2014.

Beganabe currently worships under a few sticks and tarps. No school currently operates there. This program will be a tremendous blessing to the village - and Bright Hope looks forward to watching the program come to fruition. Thank you to all the families, volunteers, and donors who helped make this day possible!