Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Family Devotional: The Daily Blessings Challenge

Hoffman Estates, Ill. – Just by living in America, we are extremely blessed. We often take for grated the “daily blessings” we have access to, like a good education, clean water, or enough food to feed our children. As parents, many of us want to talk to our kids about poverty, but may not know where to start. Take one of Bright Hope’s “Daily Blessings Challenges” together as a family to begin the conversation (or if you’re up for it, do all three!).

During the challenge, talk with your children about how the experience makes them feel, and have them come up with their own examples of how they are blessed in their daily lives. We’d also love to hear about your experiences and what you learned as a family! Share your stories on Bright Hope social media or email us at: 

1. Only 18% of households in Uganda have consistent electricity.

Challenge: Spend one evening going about your normal family activities, but without electricity. Prepare a meal without the stove, do homework by candlelight, and play a family game instead of watching television.

2. Tap water in Bolivia is not safe to drink due to bacteria and parasites, and families have to boil their water before drinking it.

Challenge: Boil all the water your family will consume for one day. Make sure your water is “clean” before you wash fruits and vegetables, use it to make your morning coffee, or fill up your water bottle. (Tip: don’t forget to allow enough time for your boiled water to cool!)

3. Over half of the population in Zambia has less than 3 meals a day.

Challenge: Fast for one meal together as a family. Go one evening without having dinner, or as many families do in Zambia, just have a cup of tea or some bread.

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