Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Confidence in Christ: Marah's Story Continues

Northern India – In August 2013, Bright Hope shared the story of Marah, a girl abducted from her family and sold into trafficking at the age of five. She was rescued ten years later in May 2013 when she bravely escaped from her captors.

Marah could not sleep for many months after being rescued. Due to years of trauma and abuse from being trafficked, she feared what would happen to her whenever she closed her eyes. She did not feel any peace, was uneasy, fearful, and didn’t trust anyone following her rescue.

Marah has been in Bright Hope’s Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative aftercare program for seven months. She is currently receiving counseling and has learned basic math, English, and Hindi skills. Marah has also learned to sew and recently attended a workshop to learn how to make high-quality purses and bags. Her education paired with this job training will help Marah earn a living and fulfill her plans for a better future.

In December she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and our partners tell us she prays daily. They clearly see her growing stronger, healing, and preparing a foundation for a better future for herself. Marah hopes to one day find the family she was once taken from, but for now she considers the team and the other survivors in the safe house her family.

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