Monday, September 20, 2010

Relationship Building and Improving Education for Segadores

Atalaya, Peru — The people of Buena Ventura live in extreme poverty. To minister to their needs, Segadores has sent two indigenous couples to live within and help the community.

Within a couple weeks, one of the partners, Macedonio, was asked to teach in their school. Over time, he helped to expand the school to include junior high, high school, and preschool. Macedonio is now the director of the school and teaches English. The other partners teach subjects like religion, science, and math.

With help from Bright Hope, Segadores has been able to construct buildings with the community for pre-chool, high school, and a feeding center. The dedicated service to Buena Ventura has thrown open the doors to build partnerships and relationships within the community that usually takes years to build. This area has 40 different villages with no established church for the local indigenous believers.

Segadores is taking the time to work with the people building relationships and teaching them. The people in this region have little understanding of Christ. They worship the sun. This year, the team wants to start having more focused meetings with the people to teach the Bible chronologically, starting with creation. This is a great example of the holistic community Bright Hope is honored to serve.