Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bolivian Students Thank Supporters

El Alto, Bolivia — A card was made by the staff and students from Bright Hope's project in the Bethesda Church, located in one of the most dangerous cities of Bolivia. The card was made specifically for a serving team that went down in July. Some highlights from the heart-felt letter:

"We are so happy to write this and tell you about all the changes that God has made in us through your visit. All the young people were so sad when you left because they felt a strong feeling with you as you with them."

We have a couple of days when we meet and pray together for the kids, for all of you, for the church and for the project. The young people cook a dish named "Lechon," which is potato, sweet potato and pork meat. We are pretty sure that we will get good money for that, and so far we have raised 2,000 Bolivianos ($288 USD) and we hope to raise more.

We are so happy because more young people want to be involved, and we also have the support of the church because the pastor allows us to do these activities. The pastor and the leaders of the church are praying for us constantly to seek God's will."